This is an old-style game. You should avoid police cars., destroy as much as you can.


- Random music

- Great particle system

- Amazing sounds that are immersed in the game




ShootLeft Mouse Button/Long Press Left Mouse Button


Scripting - ladroid

Assets by 

SICS Games

Pro 3D Models

GenreRacing, Shooter
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Development log


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this was pretty fun, I found that driving backwards whats the best strategy. II do wish there was a boost button tho

Thanks for the feedback. I will fix some parts and will make better user experience ;)


Was pretty funny ! decors are simples but post process and lights makes it very cool. Good work !


really nice!

love the look and feel! ;)

Maybe I'm just stupid but I only don't get the gameplay?

whats my goal as a player?

but beside of that.

love the music and like the syle overall! :)

Thanks for the feedback. After the Jam I will add a new version of the game.


loved the models!!


Nice game I liked it.


Cool game, I love the aesthethics it looks like you're watching a police chase in a TV, the music is great too I love it, specially the main menu's music that it's awesome. 

When I play sometimes the car suddenly stops, and you can't go forward, I felt it was something unfair when I was escaping and suddenly a police car appeared in fron on me and when my car touched it I lost, I recommend make the camera a little bit farthest from the player to see the cops coming, it's too difficult shoot to the police's cars without crash with them and die, so maybe I recommend change the lose condition (maybe adding lifes) or changing the shoot system.

Thanks for the feedback. I have added the particle system to the police so after the shooting explosion will appear. Now I’m waiting when the Jam will end for posting this new version.

P.S. The gameplay is also fixed ;)


Very cool game. kinda reminds me of crazy police chase cutscenes from Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Soundtrack fits the gameplay very well. Overall very good job :)

Interesting design! Old school) I like it!


Really cool game! Cool design, feeling like I'm playing on an old TV. The music is great too. In one word I like it!